About us

We are for You, we want every visitor of Aperitif to feel pampered. There is the atmosphere of an Italian alley, the only missing thing is the washing hung out between the buildings…

We don’t want to feel at home as you don’t need to leave your house if you wish to eat at home. Our recipe for You enjoyable time is a bit of luxury, decadence in the atmosphere of sophisticated wine and fusion cuisine with French and Italian pop classic sounds in the background. We have created a place witch we want to share with You, a place where over a bottle of wine you will leave your problems and worries behind the doorstep of our restaurant You will be served by a carefully assorted crew, who brought to Cracow the experience gained from the Antipodes, through the USA to Europe.

Master, the chef, cooks for You, he might be a bit capricious but he is really an excellent artist stimulating the senses. To titillate Your palate he took the cooking wisdom from the best, what is more he added a pinch of his own virtuosity, by which – don’t be ashamed of sayving so – he outgrown them. Master Bartosz Piechówka creates an original cuisine with  the contribution of the weel – matched crew beacuse they always there where he is.

We are made for you
form Aperitif right up to the gratification of senses …